Jaejoong: You wouldn’t know if you haven’t been hugged by Yunho.
Host: Really? Really? Yeah?
Jaejoong: I’m a guy…
Host: Yeah?
Jaejoong: Even so, when I hug Yunho, it’s -starts laughing- comfor— -laughs again- warm. -covers his face from embarrassment-
Host: Really? Ohh.. It’s a confession.
Jaejoong: It’s comfortable. -laughs-

He then got up and hid behind a curtain to hide himself because he was too embarrassed.

lmfao jaejoongs face is so lol


  • Changmin: I don't have a particularly intimate relationship with fans.
  • Q: Is there anything you want to say to them?
  • Changmin: Please find a boyfriend.

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Holy fucking shit of the Gods, the notes.


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 changmin: his face itself is a joke.



  • Yoochun: While being back there I kept on hearing Junsu's solo talk, and it was really boring.
  • Jaejoong: Yeah.
  • Yoochun: What was it really.. everyone could do that. YOOCHUN TIME!
  • *sound effects*
  • Jaejoong: I can do it too, JAEJOONG TIME!!
  • *sound effects*
  • Yoochun: Anyone can do this.
  • Junsu: Members of the band, we practiced yestarday, right? Just me. Please make the sound effect devised for JUNSU TIME only. Hey, it's true.Well then, JUNSU TIME!!
  • *no sound effects*
  • Yoochun and Jaejoong: *laughter*
  • Junsu: >_<


the hands, always the hands…
The face looks troubled but the hand holds tightly, good acting Jae!

awww Jaejoong



He can do that because you’re kicking ass husband

The Little Things: Parents will always be parents. You’re clearly 18, but you’re being... >>


Parents will always be parents. You’re clearly 18, but you’re being treated like 8. Yes it’s established that it’s a scary world, but they can’t act like they can make sure you’re always safe. You have to be put into that world to adjust to it, to be able to know what you should be aware of, how…